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homeowners insurance

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Your home is one of your most important assets. We help provide the right amount of coverage both inside and out.

Homeowners insurance is a crucial financial safeguard that protects your home and personal belongings against unexpected events. It provides coverage for various perils, including fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes.

A typical homeowners insurance policy consists of several key components:

  1. Dwelling Coverage: Protects the physical structure of your home, including the walls, roof, and foundation, against covered perils.

  2. Personal Property Coverage: Reimburses you for the loss or damage of personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, and clothing, due to covered events.

  3. Liability Coverage: Offers financial protection if someone is injured on your property or if you accidentally damage someone else's property. It covers legal expenses and medical bills if you are found liable.

  4. Additional Living Expenses (ALE): Covers the cost of temporary living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, such as hotel bills or rental expenses.

  5. Other Structures Coverage: Provides protection for structures on your property separate from your main dwelling, such as a detached garage or shed.


Homeowners insurance premiums are determined based on factors such as the home's location, age, size, construction materials, and the desired coverage limits. Policyholders can customize their coverage by adding endorsements or riders for specific needs, such as flood insurance or high-value item coverage.

Having homeowners insurance is essential for homeowners to protect their investment and financial security. It offers peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are covered against unexpected events, allowing you to focus on enjoying your home without worrying about potential risks.

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