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The Future of Telematics: Revolutionizing Communication and Data Collection

Updated: Apr 22

When it comes to the information age, we're part of the early stages of that living history today, right now. In one hundred years when historians look back, we're at the forefront of technology shaping the way we live and go about our lives.

We're living in a data rich age, where big data and information is coveted as well as monetized. Anytime you're on your smartphone or computer your purchase habits on Amazon are being tracked, the content you "like" on Facebook or the videos you watch on YouTube. For the better part of the past decade, we've embraced giving up a little of our privacy in exchange for something else.

This is no different from what's happening with telematics in the insurance world. Nearly three-quarters of the carriers we work with have a telematics program in place. Much of the foundation of today's telematics programs are from commercial insurance telematics over the last twenty-years. These programs track location, acceleration, deceleration, erratic driving, to name a few.

insurance at your fingertips
insurance at your fingertips

For consumers, the telematics program can mean the difference of being lumped in with all other drivers or actually having their good driving habits rated and, in most cases, rewarded. The proof really is in the pudding here. Most insurance carriers offer discounts from 10% to 50% based on good driving habits.

We encourage all of our customers to consider utilizing a telematics program in the following situations:

  • Driver aged 16-25 in household

  • Looking for additional auto insurance discounts

  • Mature driver, who you would like to keep an eye on

  • Be rated according to their driving style and not lumped in with everyone else

In most instances, if you have a smartphone many of the carriers have an app that can be downloaded to start you on your way to being rewarded for good driving habits.

If we can help share more insights into the telematics programs our insurance carriers offer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 412-238-7414.



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