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Community Means Everything

Updated: May 5, 2023

The Eric L. Ash Insurance Agency takes great pride in providing not just a great insurance experience but also being a part of the local Elizabeth community as well as throughout the Mon Valley. Since 2014, our agency has been actively helping local non-profit organizations fulfill their missions. To date we've supported dozens of organizations with monetary and gift donations.

We are most proud of the local high school scholarship contributions as well supporting youth athletics with new equipment and scoreboards. Because that's what giving back to the community means to us.

All of our employees live in the local community as well as have children in the school district. We service what we sell. And if we can't help with a solution, chances are we no someone who can.

Our business is built on strong relationships and communication with our customers. There is no need to speak to a "chatbot" online or call an 800 number when you have the local support you need at the Eric L. Ash Insurance Agency.

Why would you go somewhere else for your insurance?

Shop Local, Support Local.


Eric L. Ash

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