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Life Insurance: Something Different Under the Tree this Year

Updated: Apr 26

Our Most Important Policy = Life Insurance.

Hands down protecting the ones we love is a big driver of why we do what we do at the Eric L. Ash Insurance Agency. Every day we ask the question to prospects and customers alike to make sure that their household is protected. This is especially important to not only protect the "bread winner" in the household but also a stay-at-home parent.

Perfect Gift
Life Insurance

Why is protection of a stay-at-home parent important? Because if they aren't here anymore, the additional expenses related to child-care may be required.

And for you grandparents out there, life insurance products for your grandchildren can be nice, lasting legacy piece that will last a lifetime as opposed to that toy or trinket.

We've got all kinds of life insurance products that will fit your needs this holiday season and beyond. Let's start a conversation.

Happy Holidays,




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