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Embracing the Art of Slow Living

Updated: Apr 26

Hard to

Summer in the slow lane
Enjoy the slow lane

imagine we're at he mid-point of summer.

It feels like only a short time ago school was out for summer.

In our household, summer is a cherished time to slow down a little from the hurried day-to-day to enjoy and appreciate our surroundings a bit more.

  • Maybe you enjoy sitting on the back porch, watching a thunderstorm slowly roll by.

  • Or maybe a float in the pool or on the river.

  • A drive with the top down or a good old fashioned road-trip to a spot you lives fondly in your imagination

  • Spending quality time at the beach with family and friends

No matter what your summer slow lane is, enjoy life in the moment because pumpkin season is just around the corner:)



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