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Take a Moment to Reflect....

Updated: Apr 26

This time of year is great for self-reflection. Were you naughty or, no not that kind of self-reflection. Did you accomplish what you set out to achieve this year? The answers are different for everyone, whether personal or professional, with family or friends or whatever you deem important.

My self-reflection professionally is that we helped educate a lot of our insurance customers and at the same time provided peace of mind for their household. We also are striving to hit 100 Google reviews this year (as of this writing we have 89--almost there). Probably the most important takeaways were helping with different community projects from working with the Elizabeth Rotary on 3rd grade dictionary distribution/spelling bee to funding high school scholarships to fundraising for various non-profits.

Rotary reflections

My personal self-reflection centers on spending more time with my family and enjoying shared experiences together. This year saw us enjoying the Florida sun in the land of Mickey as well as the warm California sun for my daughters first time skiing in the West. This summer we took our travel trailer to Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota to get one step closer to my wife checking off all 50 states (she's on #44 if you're keeping track at home).

year end

So as you prepare for an upcoming holiday feast, think about your own self-reflection for the year and the moments to come with family and friends.

I'll raise a glass to that.

Happy Holidays,




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