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2024 Homeowners-Landlord Insurance Policy Guide for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

During 2023, the insurance industry experienced one of the hardest insurance markets ever. As we transition into 2024, there are some silver linings but not without weathering additional underwriting challenges ahead. The best way forward is to treat every home transaction as unique--no two homes are alike.


Each buyer should be prepared for increased insurance premiums as well as more stringent underwriting practices.


As a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker How Can You Best Prepare Your Clients?


Stricter Underwriting

  • Roofs

    • Insurance companies are utilizing satellite technology to evaluate roofs.

      • What this means, If a roof is over 15 years old:

        • Some insurance carriers are not accepting this risk without full replacement.

        • Other carriers will accept the risk but instead of covering the risk at replacement cost, they will do so as actual cash value.

  • Overhanging trees and vegetation

    • Carriers are scrutinizing vegetation that is overhanging or touching the house roof as well as the sides of the home.

    • Separate structures (detached garage, shed, etc.) should be in as good of a condition as home.

    • Deductible

      • $1000 deductible is minimum and in some instances, you may see a separate deductible for wind/hail claims.

    • Claims

      • Home buyers with previous claims in the last 5 years can be difficult to find affordable coverage.

      • Homes with 2 or more claims will find it challenging to find insurance coverage.

      • Claims from the prior homeowner may affect the rates on a new policy.


How we can help…

  • Our goal is to help you get to closing on time and provide your buyer/seller with the best customer experience when it comes to protecting their largest asset, their home.

  •  We have more than 115 five-star Google Reviews and pride ourselves in quality and timely service.

  •  Please call/text us at 412-238-7414 or email us at to experience the difference today.


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