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Insurance 101: Full Glass Coverage

Updated: Jun 9

Full glass coverage specifically covers damage to the windshield, rear window, and side windows of a car, and may include coverage for any associated labor costs. This coverage is especially useful in situations where a driver needs to replace or repair a cracked or shattered windshield, which can be expensive to fix.

Broken windshield
Broken windshield

It's important to note that full glass coverage is an optional coverage and is not required by law. However, it may be a worthwhile investment for drivers who frequently travel on highways or in areas with high amounts of construction, which can increase the likelihood of damage to the windshield and windows.

Glass coverage is provided through the comprehensive coverage on your auto policy. Several auto insurance carriers offer an endorsement that can either lower the deductible for a windshield replacement or lower the overall deductible amount.

Words by Heather Henry, customer service advisor at the Eric L. Ash Insurance Agency.

Heather Henry, customer service advisor
Heather Henry, customer service advisor

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